Weather Vanes

Labrador Weather Vane

Mini Digger Weather Vane Red Kite Weather Vane



003001Hand Crafted Steel Personalised Weather Vanes finished in a black gloss.

  • Tractor and Classic Car Weather Vanes
  • Horse and Foal / Horse and Rider / Equestrian Weather Vanes
  • Coach and Horses Weather Vanes
  • Dogs Weather Vanes
  • Bikes Weather Vanes
  • Gardeners Weather Vanes
  • Sheep, Cattle, Rare Breeds, Bulls Weather Vanes

Tractor Weather Vein

Tractor Weather Vane

Horse and Pony Westher Vein

Horse and Pony Weather Vane

Horse and Rider Weather Vein

Horse and Rider Weather Vane

Coach and Horses Weather Veins

Coach and Horses Weather Vane

Pair of Dogs Weather Vein

Pair of Dogs Weather Vane

Man on Motorbike Weather Vein

Man on Motorbike Weather Vane

Relaxing in the Garden Weather Vein

Relaxing in the Garden Weather Vane

Bull Weather Vein

Bull Weather Vane

Llama Weather Vane